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What You Need to Rent a Car in Belize


What You Need to Rent a Car in Belize

The good news is that renting and driving a rental vehicle in Belize is easy. Anyone with a valid driver’s license in their home country can legally operate a car in Belize.

The rules of the road in Belize are very similar to those in the United States and Canada. Cars drive on the right-hand side of the road, road signs are in English, distances are demarcated in miles, and gasoline is sold by the gallon (at approximately $5.50/gallon).

There are, however, a few differences between driving in Belize and driving in the United States.

Sleeping Policemen

Belize is primarily a rural country, so the primary way that speed limits are enforced is by the use of speed bumps, affectionally known locally as “sleeping policemen.”

The entrances and exits to all inhabited areas will be guarded by speed bumps, which can sometimes be quite large. Therefore, drivers always need to slow down when approaching a built-up area. In some cases, speed bumps are poorly marked, so drivers should always be cautious when approaching a residential area.

Making a Left-hand Turn

One local quirk in Belize is that drivers follow a curious procedure for making left-hand turns. 

To make a left-hand turn, drivers in Belize will activate their turn signal but then pull over to the right. Once traffic is clear in both directions, the left-hand turn can then be executed.

Panoramic Sights

In Belize, there is no such thing as a monotonous stretch of highway. Every major and minor road contains wonderfully panoramic sights to behold. Many visitors, in fact, consider driving in Belize to be half the fun of their vacation.

Be sure to add a little extra time to any drive in Belize in order to give yourself time to stop and take pictures/videos of the amazing sights along the way.

Gas Stations

Gas stations can be found in most larger towns and cities, and most of them accept cash and credit cards. Drivers are responsible for pumping their own gas. 

Barefoot Rentals and Services

Based in Placencia Village on Belize’s southeastern coast, Barefoot Rentals and Services is the country’s premier rental company, with a full fleet of cars, SUVs, golf carts, and dirt bikes for rent. Barefoot Rentals can pick up or deliver vehicles anywhere in the country, including Belize City, the international airport, Dangriga, Hopkins, San Ignacio, Orange Walk, and Corozal.