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Belize Travel FAQs

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Belize?

No, not if you’re a citizen of the United States, Canada, the European Union, CARICOM nations, and several other countries. You will, however, need a valid passport with at least six months left before it expires.

Is Tipping Customary in Belize?

Tipping is always appreciated for concierge services and at restaurants. Tipping 10% is customary for good service while 15-20% is normal for exceptional service.

What Is Internet Access Like in Belize?

All of the finer hotels, resorts, and lodges will offer high-speed, wireless internet. Smaller, boutique hotels and offshore locations may only offer Wi-Fi in common areas. While internet access is less prevalent in rural areas, most visitors come to Belize to get away from the hectic demands of modern life and to enjoy the unspoiled, natural landscape and wildlife.

Can I Use My Phone in Belize?

If you have an unlocked smartphone that uses SIM cards, you can purchase a pre-paid SIM card from one of the two Belizean carriers: Digicell and Smart. Most visitors, however, prefer to rely on wireless internet hotspots or just leaving their phone in their suitcase to focus on relaxing and enjoying their vacation.

Do I Need Power Adaptors?

Belize uses the same voltage and plugs as the United States and Canada, so you will not need a power adaptor unless you’re coming from Asia or Europe.

What Are the Bathrooms Like in Belize?

Generally, the bathrooms in Belize use the same western-style flushing toilets as you’d find anywhere in North America. However, in some rural areas, outhouse style bathrooms are all that is available.

Can I Drink the Water in Belize?

Although tap water in Belize is safe for showering, drinking it may disturb foreign visitors. All visitors are recommended to solely drink bottled water which is widely available.

Are Credit Cards Accepted in Belize?

All finer establishments will accept credit cards, particularly Visa and MasterCard with less coverage for Discover. Cash, however, is universally accepted, and American dollars are gladly accepted everywhere in the country. The American dollar is permanently pegged to the Belize dollar at 2:1, making it easy to understand prices.

The larger cities will have ATMs, but these may charge withdrawal fees. To find out if your card will work in Belize, it is recommended that you check with your home bank.

Should I Purchase Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is always recommended in case something unforeseen occurs.

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