headshot of scarlet macaw
Embark on an exciting journey to discover the vibrant world of Scarlet Macaws in Red Bank Village, those brilliantly colored avian wonders. Join us in embracing the thrill of their current season as they grace the skies above the charming Red Bank Village.
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Thumbnail for Top 10 Belize Adventures blog: Diverse experiences from gentle explorations to thrilling expeditions
Welcome to Belize, the adventure capital of Central America! Belize offers a wide range of experiences, each catering to different intensity levels. Join us as we count down the “Top 10 Belize Adventures,” beginning with the gentlest and working our way up to the most intense adventures.
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Garifuna Settlement Day Reenactment: Commemorating a Historic Arrival
In the heart of Belize, a vibrant and captivating culture awaits those who seek a deeper travel experience. As experienced travel advisors, we’re thrilled to guide you on an enriching journey through the Garifuna culture, an incredible part of Belize’s heritage. Let’s set the stage for this adventure by exploring the beauty of experiencing Belize’s Garifuna...
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