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things to do in placencia

Things to do in Placencia

Located in the Stann Creek District of southeastern Belize, Placencia is a small village that has seen a transformation in recent years from a sleepy fishing town to a popular tourist destination. Strategically located close to some of the most popular mainland destinations and pristine jungle highlands as well having some of the best beaches fronting the Caribbean that are just a few miles from the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest barrier reef in the world, Placencia is an ideal base for visitors to experience the best of both the land and sea.

Below are10 of the best things you can do while in Placencia:

Experience the Jungle

Much of mainland Belize is covered in jungle, but the area just outside of Placencia is ideal for hikes along well-maintained trails. A popular destination is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, an enormous protected park that is home to jaguars, green iguanas, wild deer, boa constrictors and dozens of species of birds. For the best experience, hire a local Maya as your guide who can share with you their own knowledge of the wildlife and nature while pointing out plants that are used for traditional remedies and medicines.

For more dedicated hikers, multi-day expeditions in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary are possible with the end goal being climbing Victoria Peak, the highest point of land in the country.

River Tubing

After a long hike through the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, relax and cool off with a refreshing ride down the river on an inflatable inner tube. The gentle currents of the river will take you downstream, allowing you to kick back and marvel at the scenery. Although the currents can pick up speed during the green season, sailing down the river is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

Learn about the Garifuna and Creole Cultures

Belize is home to a diverse blend of cultures. The unique Garifuna culture is centered around the village of Seine Bight on the Placencia Peninsula, giving visitors an opportunity to see their traditional way of life, listen to their famous drumming style, and learn more about their art and food.

Creole culture is also an important part of the area. Visitors are recommended to visit the Monkey River Village, a traditional fishing village where small family-operated restaurants serve up delicious Creole dishes.

Enjoy a Wildlife Ride up the Monkey River

Just a few miles from Placencia is the Monkey River. Starting where the river empties into the ocean, visitors will take a boat that slowly wends its way upstream, with plenty of opportunity to see an astonishing variety of wildlife, including crocodiles, iguanas, tropical bird species, and howler monkeys.

Lagoon Kayaking

Although the lagoons in and around Placencia open out to the sea, the waters are calm enough to enjoy a serene and leisurely paddle through some of the most beautiful nature sites in the country. The shores of lagoons in Belize are replete with saltwater-resistant mangrove forests, home to a tremendous variety of wildlife, including birds, fish, rays, manatees and dolphins.

Sea Kayaking

One of the most fun experiences in Belize is renting a kayak from a hotel or shop to head out into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Close to land, tidal conditions are relatively mild, making it relatively easy to kayak up and down the length of the Belize Barrier Reef. Adventurous kayakers can take a multi-day tour of the Caribbean, hopping from island to island, spending the night at campgrounds.

Snorkeling at the Silk Cayes

If you close your eyes and imagine a perfect tropical island, the picture you’re thinking of is what you’ll find at the Silk Cayes. With pristine white sandy beaches and shallow offshore waters that lead right to the reef, the Silk Cayes are the perfect place to see a rainbow of marine life including sharks, sea turtles, anemones, barracuda, angelfish, trumpet fish, and damselfish.

Scuba Diving

With crystal clear waters, a white sandy ocean bottom, and an abundance of marine life, Belize is a scuba diving paradise. In the waters between the Placencia Peninsula and the Belize Barrier Reef there are miles of coral canyons, cut throughs, and reef walls that are a dream come true for diving. Located right near Placencia is the White Hole but experienced divers seeking to plumb the mysterious depths of the Blue Hole can accomplish their dream with a longer tour.

Between March and June, migrating whale sharks rise to the surface to feed in the waters just off of Placencia, providing a unique diving experience.

Sailing and Boat Rides

With hundreds of islands strung out alongside the Belize Barrier Reef, sailing and caye hopping are popular activities in Belize. Test out the waters with a lovely day trip to some of the picture postcard islands like the Silk Cayes, Long Coco Cayes, or the Laughing Bird Cayes or set sail for a multi-day trip up and down the reef with overnight stays on the islands.


The waters of Placencia are teeming with game fish. Whether you’re a lifelong angler or trying fishing for the first time, Placencia is an ideal location to go after permit, tarpon, snook and bonefish in pursuit of a Grand Slam.

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