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Do Not Miss TIDE’s Conservation Festival This Month

If you are planning a trip to Belize in October, make plans to attend the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) Conservation Festival.

This festival’s roots date back to 1997 when the Belize Centre for Environmental Studies made bold steps to privately continue a manatee conservation project that had been discontinued by the government. This project is named TIDE, and its scope has expanded over the years. Through the group’s hard work and focused efforts, its reach has extended to ecotourism.

Specifically, TIDE has trained local residents to work in ecotourism areas like birding and hospitality rather than fishing. This group, working under the project name TIDE, also was responsible for initiating government protection of thousands of acres of marine areas and marshlands. Belize has a fragile ecosystem, and TIDE’s efforts have been effective at protecting the ecosystem in important ways.

TIDE has been instrumental in raising awareness of environmental concerns to local residents, empowering them to take action as well. For example, it launched the TIDE Freshwater Cup and the Community Stewards Program. The TIDE Conservation Festival, which now is hosted every October, has grown to be a popular environmental awareness event. This year’s festival runs from October 12 through October 14.

The first day of this year’s TIDE Conservation Festival includes welcome ceremonies and educational sessions at PG Parish Hall. The second day of the festival includes numerous water sports at the Water Compound as well as the famous Tour of the South cycling event. There is also a conservation gala hosted in the evening. The final day includes an all-day festival with live music, games, food, educational booths, and a fishing tournament. Proceeds from the event are used to help the TIDE’s future environmental conservation efforts.

Regardless of whether you intend to enjoy the festivities at the TIDE Conservation Festival for a few hours or you want to participate in all of the festival plans across all three days, it makes sense to think about transportation before you arrive in Belize. Renting a vehicle is a smart idea because it enables you to get around the country as desired. With a private vehicle rental from Barefoot Rentals and Services in Placencia, you can see the sights at your own pace throughout your trip.

As you make plans to enjoy all that the TIDE Conservation Festival offers, also take a few minutes to reserve a vehicle for the days of your trip.