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Hit the Road Solo During Your Belize Vacation

Hit the Road Solo During Your Belize Summer Vacation!

Tackling the conundrum of whether it makes more sense to rent a car or use a variety of other transport types while vacationing in Belize is a no brainer. The car rental option wins hands down for myriad reasons, not the least of which are convenience and economy.

All you need to rent a car in Belize is a valid state or international driver’s license and the keys are yours. Remember a few rules during your stay in Belize: Drive on the right side of the street. Seat belts are mandatory. And the nation’s 55 mile-per-hour highway and 25 mile-per-hour city speed limits are laws, not suggestions! Got that?

The following five reasons should convince you that renting a car during your vacation makes so much sense, you’ll wonder why you considered opening your wallet for taxis and other transport that can eat up your vacation budget and at times, not be available to get you to places you want to go during your summer vacation.

1. The size of Belize makes driving the most sensible option. The nation’s 8,867-square-mile landmass means the longest drive you can take is the 170-mile distance between the north and south borders. Drive east to west and cover just 68 miles.

2. Rental cars are cared for zealously by rental agency staffs like the mechanics and crew at Barefoot Rentals and Services, the premier travel resource in Belize for visitors who love the idea of taking both off-the-beaten-track and paved roads.

3. Go where and when you want to go if there’s a rental car waiting for you. Hanging around resort lobbies waiting for other guests to show up at appointed times for tour buses and vans can make guests who pride themselves on being on time crazy. If you want to set off at 4 a.m. to see the sun rise over the horizon, you can.

4. Barefoot cars are available at attractive daily or weekly rates that are so affordable, your vacation budget won’t take a hit. Popular U.S. models have automatic transmissions and appointments that even make even riding over rugged roads comfy. The longer the rental, the cheaper daily rates get for cars, SUVs and vans.

5. Travel with abandon because you’ve got wheels 24/7. Visit Garifuna villages, the Maya King waterfalls, San Ignacio market, farms, wildlife preserves, and the capital. Take in summer delights like Lobsterfest and the Chocolate Festival where plenty of parking space is available for visitors eager to experience Belize at its’ summer best.

If getting to and from sites and attractions in comfort and at affordable rates doesn’t sell you on the idea of renting a car, there’s a bonus you could get outside the realm of tourism: If you’ve been eager to replace your old car back home and want to see how it feels to drive a new one over all kinds of terrains, why not splurge on a rental to audition one?