Visiting Belize With Kids? It’s Easier Than You Imagine

What’s the secret to taking kids abroad? Finding a destination that delights everyone.

Lots of parents decide to take their children outside the U.S. to broaden their horizons, expose them to other cultures and remind the little ones that the world is a very big place that doesn’t necessarily revolve around them. Depending upon a child’s maturity, some couples are comfortable taking toddlers abroad while others stay home until the kids can carry their own luggage.

But no matter a child’s age, picking a destination that’s not just loaded with things to do but is located just a few hours away by plane isn’t just a wise move; it’s sheer genius. That’s why Belize is attracting more and more families year-round. Whether you are planning a maiden voyage, or you’ve already been there and done that, you’ll discover in Belize so many ways to entertain your kids, you might have to extend your vacation stay to do it all!

Just for kids (and adults who still feel like kids)

Because Belize is home to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Central America—and because a unique melding of cultures makes this nation a melting pot of diversity—your children are going to be stimulated by everything they do, see, taste and smell.

From jungle dew in the early morning that brings shy animals out into the open to a gorgeous stretch of oceanfront that sprawls the entire length of the nation, gear the activities you choose for your youngsters using these suggestions:

Got toddlers?

-A Belize zoo tour is the perfect way to fascinate little ones who may only have seen animals in books

-Show kids that drums aren’t just for toddlers by introducing your child to Garifuna drumming fun

-Taking a golf cart tour of Placencia Village means you can stop any time something fun catches your child’s eye

Got pre-teens?

-They’re the perfect age for eerie sacred cave tours where sacrifices were made by Maya priests, so make sure ATM Cave is on your itinerary

-Hands-on fun during a chocolate-making tour pays big dividends and kids get to eat the candy they make

-Book one or more wildlife-spotting tours so the kids can experience Cockscomb Basin and Monkey River

Got teens?

-They’re old enough to appreciate the wonders of ancient Maya temple tours like Tikal and Xunantunich

-Show your teens that snorkeling at the pool is nothing compared to doing it at Laughing Bird and Silk Cayes

-Get their attention by suggesting ziplining over a forest canopy.

They may take you up on it!

Feel overwhelmed? You need help!

Want to do everything on this list, get more suggestions and leave the logistics to professionals? Barefoot Rentals and Services is an invaluable resource because the staff makes sure logistics, bookings, transport and other services necessary to craft a smooth, well-coordinated family vacation are all taken care of. Best of all, Barefoot has been in the business of helping families vacation in Belize for so many decades, you can feel safe putting your family into the hands of these travel experts. They’ve got kids of their own, so who better to make sure your family has an unforgettable experience in the country known for excitement and fun?

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