More changes on the Tipsy Strip Belize

 by Megan Rodden  - 2 min read

It was barely two months ago that I posted about happenings on the Tipsy Strip but things have changed again!  This once humble stretch of sidewalk is really jumping now.  For me, this is the village hub:  your two best beach bars (Barefoot and Tipsy Tuna), tour operators, great shops, and more.  So, what’s new on the Tipsy Strip?

Sunova Beach Gift Shop

One of my favorite shops in the village, Sunova has moved down a few doors on the strip to a newly built cabana.  They’ve always had the cutest Caribbean and coastal themed home décor, resort wear, jewelry and accessories.  The newly re-opened Sunova’s inventory is now almost entirely Belizean made products (though they still carry your favorite imported items like Havaianas sandals) that are beautiful, functional, and surprisingly affordable.  I’m obsessed with these locally made leather bags for $40bzd.  Also love all these hand-cut earrings and how great of a souvenir is this- adorable satchels of seasonings?!

Grayson Sierra Art Gallery

Right next to the new Sunova Beach shop is Grayson Sierra’s new little art gallery.  I’ve mentioned the talented Sierra brothers before in this post on things to do, as they hold monthly paint nights and guide participants through the creation of an original art piece.  These paint nights are good fun but nothing I’ve ever done at one has come even close to looking as good as Grayson’s paintings.  Just pop in to the gallery and see what I mean!

BBQ Bistro

Coming soon.  They’re busily working on the renovation of the former Afrodite Bar for what will be a BBQ joint.  I don’t know when they’ll be opening but I’ll keep my nose open for smoke.

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