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Volunteer Kirwin Ramirez Proves That One Person Can Make a Difference

Volunteer Kirwin Ramirez Proves That One Person Can Make a Difference

American Actor Jeff Bridges may have collected awards and accolades for his performances, but he is currently best known for his activism and outspoken belief that “The way to change the world is through individual responsibility and taking local action in your own community.” 

In other words, one person really can make a difference and Barefoot Rentals and Services Personality of the Month, Kirwin Ramirez, not only embodies the spirit of that quote but at just 28, this born-and-bred Seine Bight citizen puts his contemporaries to shame with the diversity of his talent and interests. Yet he always makes time for volunteer work. 

Kirwin’s long list of interests is eclectic 

“I enjoy playing sport, writing music and attending church,” he says, and to prove his passion for music, he’s currently working on a new album. But all of the activities he loves to do come to a standstill when his community calls. 

“I want to help make changes to my community,” he says. “Many people look down on Seine Bight. They point to criminal influences, but I quickly let them know that many highly-educated people come from my hometown and because I love Belize, I’m working to make a change so all of Belize becomes a land of opportunity.” 

A coach kids can count on

What’s on Kirwin’s busy volunteer calendar? He coaches kids belonging to the Seine Bight running and soccer clubs, volunteers at church youth group meetings held every Friday and whenever there’s an opportunity to help clean up the community, he’s the first to raise his hand and say, “Count me in!” Educating young street people remains another important mission. 

Kirwin receives additional kudos 

Having been raised to believe that working hard pays off, Kirwin was the recent recipient of Student of the Year honors at Independence Junior College (IJC) when judges commended his positivity and motivation. At the moment, there’s a movement afoot to nominate Kirwin for two Belize Youth Awards: The Outstanding Student Government and The Strength Through Adversity Awards. Learn more here and be part of the successful effort friends and fans are making on his behalf:

Was it inevitable that Kirwin Ramirez would become a role model? 

Perhaps. His big sister Kaina Martinez is a star in her own right having competed in the 100 meter track and field event at London’s Olympics in 2012 and more recently, being named one of only 9 NCAA Woman of the Year Award finalists. 

But in the end, Kirwin is making his own distinct mark, one modest altruistic act at a time, which is why management and staff of Barefoot Rentals and Services couldn’t find a better candidate for their coveted monthly honor. Dedication. Selflessness. A powerful example of the kind of individual responsibility every citizen should take in today’s complicated world, there may be no better role model in Seine Bight today!