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How Kristy Cadle adds to your fantastic vacation experience in Placencia Belize

This week, we’re focusing on Kristy Cadle, a bartender who works at the popular Barefoot Beach Bar in Placencia

Kristy began her hospitality career by working at J-Dees in Placencia, known then as Daisy’s. After a year and a half, she realized that she really enjoyed working with people and welcoming visitors to the peninsula.

Kristy later worked for the Paradise Hotel and Resort as a waitress and bartender, ultimately designing a number of Belizean signature drinks like “The Oh Yeah!” and “The Sweet Titty” which proved very popular with customers. 

Nevertheless, her commitment to hospitality did not escape her employer’s attention. She was regularly noted for her bubbling personality, unflagging humor, and friendly banter with customers. Kristy herself noted that her mission at work every day is to “provide the best Belize vacation experience” to both foreigners and locals alike. 

She admits that nothing makes her feel better than knowing that she has done her best for every customer that visits Barefoot Beach Bar.

Kristy adds that working at Barefoot was her dream job and having admired it for years, she is happy now that her dream finally came through.

Driven to prove herself, she vowed to learn the drinks menu at her workplace faster than anyone ever had before. And sure enough, she quickly became renowned for her snappy banter and impressive mixology skills. 

Kristy is quite happy in her current position, describing it as the best place that she has worked in Belize, and she is 100 percent confident that she has found her chosen profession in life. After seven years at Barefoot, she has high marks for her current employers whom she says she considers to be close friends and part of her family, a warm relationship that goes far “beyond a co-worker and boss relationship.” 

When she’s not sharing her infectious warmth and signature cocktails with travelers who visit Placencia, Kristy loves to explore the beautiful attractions in the area and taking walks along the beach.

Working in Placencia has helped make her proud to be Belizean, and she believes that the area attracts “the nicest travelers” that she’s ever met in her entire life. Indeed, when asked what complaints she has, Kristy demurred and said that her job and life in Placencia has everything that she could ever ask for.

Next time you are in Placencia, make sure you stop at the Barefoot Beach Bar and say ‘hi’ to Kristy. She is one of the reasons why Belizeans have been voted the friendliest people on the planet!