Beyond the sea: Belize’s Best Jungle Adventures   

Exploring Belize’s jungles is a breeze with the right tour guides

When a small nation like Belize has an expansive coastline and is home to an amazing barrier reef, it gets a reputation for being the place to go for scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and other aquatic activities. True, it’s all that and more. But if you measure the country’s landmass, you’ll notice that jungles rule!

Plenty of visitors come to Belize without a single bathing suit because they’ve fallen in love with Belize’s interior. Jungle pathways, tree canopies and exotic surprises are everywhere tourists turn. What can you expect to experience? This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

7 Belize jungle experiences you must see to believe

1. Visit breathtaking waterfalls that offer fodder for your camera and places to cool off in pools fed by cascading waters.
2. Visit cacao farms sprawling across mountainsides that are putting Belize on the culinary map. Make your own chocolates during your visit.
3. Roam Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve where this endangered wildcat species is protected. Stay in an onsite cabin for a closer look at these magnificent animals.
4. Enjoy some monkey business. The Monkey River runs through a subtropical rainforest. Spot sunbathing iguanas, colorful toucans and the entertaining creatures for whom this river is named.
5. The Nim Li Punit Maya ruins, located at the foot of the Maya Mountains, gives people with special needs opportunities to admire magnificent architecture without worrying about physical challenges.
6. Find out why Belize is for the birds. Between February and April, Scarlet Macaws come to roost during mating season. See them before they leave the area.
7. Learn to drum after being tutored by Garifuna musicians whose heritage is deeply invested in this percussive instrument. Alternately, take cooking classes to learn to prepare local dishes that will forever remind you of your Belize visit after you leave.

Yes, you can see it all

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