• Belize September Celebrations

    september in belize

    September is a great time to come visit the little Central American nation of Belize. With fewer crowds but still plenty of warm sunshine, September in Belize is packed with holidays and celebrations.

    Some of the top celebrations in September in Belize are:

    Battle of St. George’s Caye Day – September 10

    In 1798, British and Spanish naval forces vied for control of Belize, fighting a week-long battle that ended in a dramatic British victory. Dramatic re-enactments of the battle and parades, concerts, and fairs mark the commemoration of this key event in history that led to Belize becoming the only English-speaking country in Central America.

    Independence Day – September 21

    september celebrations in belizeThe most patriotic holiday on the calendar, September 21 marks Belize’s full independence from nearly 200 years of British colonial rule in 1981.

    Expo Belize Market Place

    Now in its 20th year, the Expo Market Place held just outside of Belize City is a consumer trade show featuring all of the best products made in Belize. Over 17,000 people are expected to attend this popular event scheduled to take place on the first week of September 2019.


    Independence Day is always the occasion for big parades in every town and village but there are plenty of festive parades in the two weeks leading up to September 21. Join in all the fun as floats, marching bands, and phalanxes of locals dressed in traditional attire pass by, all waving the red, white and blue (the colors of the Belizean flag). Definitely don’t miss the Carnaval festivities that see hundreds of people in elaborate costumes competing for the title of King and Queen of Carnaval.


    With the weather remaining bright and sunny, September is when many lively music concerts are held in Belize. Events range from small music festivals in villages to large concerts in the bigger towns that draw hundreds of people. Dance to the rhythms of all of Belize’s many musical styles including reggae, punta, calypso, and rock plus the traditional music of the Maya, Creole, and Garifuna peoples.

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