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Renting a car and Traveling Around Belize

Renting a car and Traveling Around Belize

One of the best ways to explore Belize is by renting your own car from Barefoot Rentals and Services. Whether you need a car, dirt bike, or golf cart, having your own vehicle allows you to save money, travel at your own pace, and explore all the hidden gems that Belize has to offer.

“We debated whether we should fly or rent a car during our family vacation in Belize last year, but we ended up choosing to rent a vehicle from the friendly folks at Barefoot. We saved a ton of money on tours, and even “got lost” once in a tiny village where we met some amazing locals that totally made the trip. The whole rental process was simple and easy, and having our own vehicle on our vacation was just great.”

-Ronald Ogle, Garden Grove, California

If you have a valid driver’s license in your home country, you can rent a vehicle in Belize. Expect gas prices to be a little higher (around $5/gallon) than in places like the United States, but Belize is small enough that it’s easy to see large stretches of the country on a single tank of gas. One of the hidden benefits of driving in Belize is that towns and villages do not use traffic lights. Instead, they rely on speed bumps or “sleeping policemen” to slow down traffic, which locals take advantage of to sell fresh fruit and other items to passersby.

Although some villages still rely on unpaved dirt roads, Belize has a modern system of highways that connect the country. Five major highways crisscross the land, making it easy to travel from the Caribbean coastline to the western border in just a few hours. For instance, from the Belize international airport, the lovely Southern Highway follows the Caribbean coast while passing through gorgeously wild landscapes, making the drive just as fun as arriving at your destination.

No matter where you’re going on your vacation in Belize, Barefoot Services and Rentals can deliver a modern, well-maintained vehicle to your destination and ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy your time in the country. All vehicles come with 24-hour roadside assistance and a hassle-free rental process.

Barefoot Rentals and Services also specializes in arranging tours to popular destinations, particularly in and around the Placencia Peninsula. Barefoot can also book your lodgings at finer hotels, lodges, and resorts to ensure that you have a wonderful vacation in Belize.