• T15A Southern Maya Ruins

    Lubantuun was first discovered and explored by archaeologists in 1905. It is an impressive Maya site that was built between 700 and 900 AD as a ceremonial site. The Maya used it for special celebrations including religious ceremonies, Maya games, consecrations and festivals. 

    Lubantuun is notable among Maya ruins for the unusual way it was built. Constructed of limestone bricks, it was built without mortar. The buildings are also unusual for having rounded corners. You can wander around this huge, peaceful enclave yourself or get a guided tour from the local historical experts at the Visitor’s Center. 

    This tour then travels the Southern Highway to the foothills of the Maya Mountains and the secluded, inviting Nim Li Punit ruins. This site is slightly smaller than Lubantuun but is equally impressive. 

    Nim Li Punit was built between 500 and 800 AD. Both of these Maya cities were built during the so-called Classic Period, which is when the Maya had some of their greatest achievements in terms of astronomy, engineering and mathematics. Exploring these ruins gives you a clear and vivid picture of the daily lives of this ancient, advanced civilization. 

    Age Recommendation:  7+ years

    What to Wear

    Cool comfortable attire for this subtropical climate and well threaded shoes.

    What to Bring

    An adventurous mindset and an awesome attitude, bug repellant, sun block, and your medication.

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    US $103 per person + 12.5% tax


    US $115 per person + 12.5% tax


    RT Transportation, park entrance fees, tour guide, lunch, bottled water/juices.

    Time: Departs: 8:00 AM

    *Returns: 3:00 PM

    RT travel time: 4 hours

    Minimum Requirement:

     4 persons



     Intensity Level:

    You will be exploring two maya ruins in southern Belize.  Although miles apart, the journey is quite interesting with the many maya villages you will see.  Many enjoy this tour because of the simplicity of it, yet it is packed full of information.  This is a wonderful trip to learn about the history of the Maya and in such a lovely green district as Toledo.



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