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Hummingbird Tours

HB 1 – A River Cave Expedition

River Cave Expedition Description Situated in the midst of Maya mountain’s valley lies the River Cave, a two (2) hour drive from Placencia. The drive takes you as close to the river as you can get.  A five (5) minute trek will lead you into the river where you’ll then begin your adventure upstream heading toward the mouth of the cave. After a mix of paddling and walking upstream inside the cave, your guide will ask you to put your […]
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HB 2 – The Waterfall Cave

Waterfall Cave Description Waterfall Cave, if you had to choose between exploring a cave and swimming at a waterfall which would you choose? How about swimming in a waterfall inside a cave? Better yet, how about exploring seven waterfalls? This journey takes you off the coast and into the mainland. Enjoy a drive on the beautiful Hummingbird Highway and through the mountain’s valley that’s engulfed in an orange orchard. After making the drive, have a wild time immersing yourself in the […]