Driving in Belize

Regular visitors to Belize know that driving in this country can sometimes be quite an adventure. Although there are five paved highways crisscrossing Belize that are well maintained, much of the rest of the country still relies on dirt and bumpy roads that add unique challenges for anyone considering driving a car. Sometimes, signs and markers are hand-painted or posted only at rare intervals, making it hard to find some of the smaller villages and nature sites.

But with a sturdy vehicle, a spirit of adventure, and the occasional advice from locals, you should always be able to make it to your destination. Many locales rely on speed bumps instead of fancy illuminated traffic lights, so there’s no sense in trying to get anywhere fast in Belize. But that’s okay as the view from the road is a gorgeous panorama of pristine nature, and few experiences can top coming across a roadside vendor selling delicious local food.

Barefoot Will Get You There

Locally-owned and operated, Barefoot Services also offers private transportation services from the Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City to Placencia, Hopkins, Dangriga and other top destinations in the country.

Experienced visitors know that the drive from Belize City and the southern part of the country, including Placencia, Dangriga and Hopkins, is an amazing way to start any vacation. Following the paved and well-maintained Hummingbird Highway as it wends along the coast, the beautiful vistas and scenic sights make the drive a true delight.

Wherever you’re going, or wherever you’re coming from, rely on Barefoot Services to get you there. With bespoke transfer services and reliable golf cart rentals, you can explore the many wonders of Belize in style and comfort at a reasonable price.

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