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T10 A- Che’il chocolate +Banana Farm

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T10 A- Che’il chocolate +Banana Farm

per person

Go bananas at the Bunches of Fun Banana Farm Tour, where you’ll learn all about farming and cultivating the world’s favorite fruit. This in-depth tour is led by a local banana farmer who is passionate about sustainable farming. This tour regularly gets five-star reviews from people who say they can’t believe how fun and educational it is! Finish by tasting some delicious fried bananas to end your tour on a tasty note.

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After lunch, the second part of the tour is in Maya Center village.  Ch’eil Mayan Products specializes in authentic Maya products including cacao powder, Maya chocolate tea and other locally grown, completely organic delicacies. Tour the cacao plants and watch chocolate being made. Sample Maya chocolate tea, Maya dark chocolate, Maya milk chocolate and other fine products to learn why the ancient Maya considered chocolate the food of the gods.






Questions about this tour? Send us an email or call +(501) 523-3066. We will love to help you plan your Belize tours and activities.  



RT Transportation, entrance fees, tour guide and bottled water and lunch.

Time: Departs: 8:00 AM

*Returns: 3:00 PM

RT travel time: 1.75 hours

Minimum Requirement:

4 persons


Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Intensity Level:



Age Recommendation:  7+ years

What to Wear

Cool comfortable jungle attire for this subtropical climate.

What to Bring

An adventurous mindset, bug repellant, sun block, your medication, comfortable and well threaded shoes.



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