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Celebrate Independence Day Belize Style!

Belize September Celebrations

Flags fly. Parties abound. So do parades. No nation celebrates its independence like Belize.

When countries mark founding dates, not all of them set a celebration “theme” because there’s already much to celebrate. But Belize isn’t “most countries.” This nation is so invested in marking this date, a contest is held throughout the nation to pick the best theme. Eloy Escalante Sr. not only came up with the 2019 “From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together Let’s Shape the Belizean Story” theme, but he won $1,000 for his creative idea. 

According to Belize Mayors Association’s Enrique Carballo, choosing an annual theme is no easy task because it must synch with the country’s sensibilities, “promote patriotism [and] love of country so that our people realize who we are and where we want to go” in the future. 

That’s exactly what Escalante had in mind when he thought about entering the contest. In fact, he compares Belize with Biblical origin stories that detail how Adam and God’s first creations built intelligent societies, just as Maya people settling in this nation did.

For most Belizeans, there’s a less ecumenical flavor to Independence day where September 21, 1981, is more than a date on a calendar. After centuries of oppression and occupation, that’s the day the people of Belize were not only set free but were finally able to call their homeland something other than British Honduras. 

Commemorating this event is no simple affair. Events, parties, festivals, and celebrations run the gamut from military parades to dances, parties and parades where festive floats featuring colorfully-dressed dancers and revelers energize streets and passersby.

From events held on the night of the 20th to a full day of festivities on the 21st, seasoned Independence Day attendees insist that the most exciting places to be on this holiday are Belize City, San Pedro Town, and Orange Walk Town. Serious celebrants find ways to get to all three–and perhaps a few more!

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