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Barefoot Services have a brand new tour we are launching this tour season.  An all-day cave kayaking tour through not one, but two cave systems! This excursion is incredible and is a new top choice for crazy cool tours from Placencia, Hopkins, or Dangriga (South Eastern Belize). Belize is blessed with loads of singular experiences you’ll find nowhere else. Awe-inspiring natural beauty, extraordinary topography, geological features, astonishing biodiversity– Belize is a nature-nut and thrill-seeker’s paradise. This new tour takes you through a pristine jungle and miles of underground caverns. Continue reading below for the details on what to expect.

Cave Kayaking at St. Herman’s Cave System

Barefoot Services will drive out to the Hummingbird Highway. It is a lovely, easy, and super scenic ride before you transfer to an open-air off-road vehicle for a quick jaunt back to the caves. The launch point is near St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park and the Black Hole Drop is in this vicinity. Everyone gets geared up with a life jacket, helmet, headlamp, paddle, and their own inflatable kayak. The kayaks are so light and maneuverable and most importantly, they’re super comfortable, which is crucial as you’ll be in them for the better part of 4 or 5 hours. You have a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your equipment in the lovely little natural pool surrounded by forest before entering Xibalba (the Mayan word for the Underworld). The entrance looks like a small open in the stones, it can make you think “OMG am I claustrophobic?” but fret not, because the cave opens way up inside. No worries!

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Caves on Caves on Caves!

What makes this tour so uniquely special is the length of time and the distance you travel through the cave systems on this underground river. The further you float the more you’ll grow to appreciate the magnitude of these two systems. Cavern after cavern, weaving in and out of chambers, sometimes emerging into the sun-dappled jungle; it is an improbable and spectacular journey! You may notice that different cavities have different geological features, that will surely bring awe to your adventure. Cave Kayaking with us will give you the opportunity to see a lot of amazing natural structures.

Cave Kayaking, An Accessible Adventure

As far as fitness level requirement goes, this tour is shockingly inclusive. It isn’t hard but I suppose it is a bit long. You’ll want to be in reasonably good shape and nimble enough to maneuver over some slippery rocks but nothing extreme. The paddling goes with the current and is not strenuous, allowing you to really enjoy looking around. There are a few fun little rapids and a dicey part or two in which the guides will strategically place themselves to assist you through if needed, but even a complete novice shouldn’t have any trouble. At one point in the journey, the river goes underground where there just isn’t enough clearance to allow passage so you’ll pull your kayaks and walk around to another portage. The boats are very light and comfortable to carry over a shoulder and the “hike” is really a ten-minute trail walk.

Dress for Success

When going cave kayaking, wear form-fitting, quick-dry materials, and sturdy shoes. If you don’t have proper water shoes with a thick soles you can wear sneakers. Carry along a little water-resistant day bag for a granola bar and bottle of water. Bring your phone along in a dry case for taking photos and videos. You may also want mosquito repellant just for that quick hike in the middle of the trip but you won’t have any pests bothering you in the caves. Always bring a change of clothes and a towel that will be kept safe in the tour van.  You will have an opportunity to change at the end for a dry ride home to Placencia.

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Ending in Nohoch Che’en Archaeological Reserve

The cave kayaking tour begins in the St. Herman’s cave system but ends in the Nohoch Che’en system, off the George Price Highway. You’ll come across all the cave tubing excursions and you will continue kayaking the full length of that tour and finish at the same spot the tuber do. Nohoch Che’en also known as Caves Branch, has a busy little outpost of gift shops and food vendors and the park has a beautiful, big bathroom facility with showers and changing rooms so you can get freshened up at the end of the excursion. We will drive the Coastal Highway instead of the Hummingbird on the way home so for half the journey you will enjoy the completely different scenery. All these experiences combined are the makings of a wonderful day!

How to Book Your Cave Kayaking Tour

All tours typically require a minimum number of participants.  This activity is ideal for families or groups of friends. Or if you are a single traveler or couple, still inquiring, we may have a shared trip that you can join. You can also check out our other cave tours as well. Contact Barefoot Services about cave conditions and how to schedule. Also, check out the website for other amazing experiences.  Tel:+5016299602 or Email:BarefootServicesBelize@gmail.com

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