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HB5 – Cave Kayaking

Price $274
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HB5 – Cave Kayaking

$274 per person

This adventure is an all-day cave kayaking tour through two cave systems! Fret not, it is doable by anyone over 12 years old who is active, enjoys the outdoors and looking for an insanely cool cave tour. This new tour will take you through untouched rainforest and miles of underground caves.

The tour vehicle departs from South Easter Belize (Placencia, Hopkins and Dangriga). We’ll drive on paved roads for 1- 2 hours, depending on where your pick up location is.

Everyone gets geared up with a lifejacket, helmet, headlamp, paddle, and their own inflatable kayak. The kayaks are so light and maneuverable and most importantly, they’re super comfortable, which is crucial as you’ll be in them for the better part of 4 hours.

You will have a few minutes to get familiar with the equipment.  The entrance of the underworld is a small opening in the stone wall. Once inside the cave opens up, wide and high.

This tour is special because of the length of time and distance you travel inside the cave systems on the river. You’ll quickly become comfortable and appreciate the uniqueness of this experience.

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Additional Info:

The price on this page is listed inUSD and is exclusive of 12.5% sales tax.

Age Recommendation:

12 years old+

What to wear:
form-fitting, quick-dry materials and sturdy shoes.


What to bring:

An adventurous mindset, bug spray, sun block, your medication and comfortable hiking footwear or tennis.  Wearing flip flops will affect your participation in this tour.



Round trip ground transportation, lunch, bottled water, tour guide, and equipment


Departs: 6:30 AM
Returns: 5 PM (this is an approximate time)

Roundtrip travel time:  4 hours

Minimum Requirement:

Ask us as we may already have people booked for the date you need


Twice weekly.  Based on availability and demand.

Intensity Level:
Moderate –

 This adventure isn’t hard but I is a bit long. You’ll need to be in reasonably good shape and nimble enough to maneuver over some slippery rocks but nothing extreme. You will also need to know how to swim and have little padding experience. The paddling goes with the current and is not strenuous, allowing you to really enjoy looking around. There are a few fun little rapids and a dicey part or two in which the guides will strategically place themselves to assist you through if needed, but even a complete novice shouldn’t have any trouble. At one point in the journey the river goes underground where there just isn’t enough clearance to allow passage so you’ll pull your kayaks and walk around to another portage. The boats are very light and comfortable to carry over a shoulder and the “hike” is really a ten-minute-trail-walk.

Wear form-fitting, quick-dry materials and sturdy shoes. If you don’t have proper water shoes with a thick sole you can wear sneakers. Bring a water-resistant dry bag for a light snack and bottle of water. Bring your phone in a dry-case for taking photos and video. Always bring along a change of clothes and a towel for after water activates for a dry van ride back.

This tour begins in the St. Herman’s cave system but ends in the Nohoch Che’en system, or commonly known as Jaguar Paw.

Included in your trip rate are:

  • Pick at your accommodation
  • Drop off at St. Herman’s Cave
  • Tour guide and equipment
  • Lunch
  • Park entrance fees (2 parks)
  • Pick up at Jaguar Paw
  • Return to you accommodation