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Belize has a plethora of cultures and nationalities amongst its beautiful people who have been voted as one of the friendliest on the planet.  Over the last 100 years, various ethnic groups have been created in the country. Today, visitors to Belize can find peoples of different ethnicities such as the Creole, Mestizo, Mennonites, Maya, Chinese, Lebanese, East-Indians and the Garifuna. In this article, we will be highlighting the Garifuna, a unique and resilient group of people who are of both

If you're looking for a fun and exciting summer vacation, look no further than the Placencia Peninsula in Belize. Located on the Caribbean coast in southeastern Belize, the Placencia Peninsula is 16 miles of golden sand beaches, iconic fishing villages, quirky cafes, seafood restaurants, and beautiful ocean views. The Placencia Peninsula is close to all of the best things to see and do in Belize, including the nearby Belize Barrier Reef with its hundreds of gorgeous islands. You can play castaway

A narrow north-south peninsula located in southeastern Belize, Placencia is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. In a land renowned for its beaches, the golden sands of Placencia offer visitors a chance to enjoy nature at its finest while admiring stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Here are 5 additional reasons why you should definitely visit Placencia, Belize on your vacation: 1 - Guinness Book of Records The lovely Placencia Village, the unofficial capital of the peninsula, is home to

Belize Roadway Guidance Barefoot Rentals and Services has a modern fleet of vehicles, dirt bikes, and golf carts so that visitors can enjoy exploring the beauty and wonder of Belize at their own pace. In order to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time while driving in Belize, we have prepared this handy guide. If you have a valid driver's license in your home country, you can rent and operate a motor vehicle in Belize. Belize is easy to navigate

Currently ranked as the hottest activity to do in Placencia by TripAdvisor, a trip to Ranguana Caye is a chance to see Belize's spectacular natural scenery at its finest. In Belize, islands are known as cayes (pronounced "keys"), and Ranguana Caye is truly something special. A tiny, two-acre island surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, Ranguana Caye is the ideal setting for anyone who wants to play "castaway on a tropical island." A privately-owned island, Ranguana Caye

Located in the Stann Creek District of southeastern Belize, Placencia is a small village that has seen a transformation in recent years from a sleepy fishing town to a popular tourist destination. Strategically located close to some of the most popular mainland destinations and pristine jungle highlands as well having some of the best beaches fronting the Caribbean that are just a few miles from the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest barrier reef in the world, Placencia is an ideal

Regular visitors to Belize know that driving in this country can sometimes be quite an adventure. Although there are four paved highways crisscrossing Belize that are well maintained, much of the rest of the country still relies on dirt and bumpy roads that add unique challenges for anyone considering driving a car. Sometimes, signs and markers are hand-painted or posted only at rare intervals, making it hard to find some of the smaller villages and nature sites. But with a sturdy

If you're making plans for your next thrilling adventure, look no further than Belize! With a plethora of exciting adventures on both land and sea, there is plenty to enjoy for even the most experienced adventure travelers in Belize. The exciting cave tubing and zip lining combination package begins with a hike through the jungle where participants will learn about the herbs, plants, and roots used by the ancient Maya for medicinal purposes. As participants approach the river, they'll be given

Belize is a small country with a small population (around 360,000 people) but is one of the most diverse melting pot societies on the planet. The best evidence of the rich heritage of different cultures in Belize is the fantastic variety of culinary influences in the country. Barefoot Services' Culinary and Culture Tours are a great way to experience the many different cultures in the country as well as trying a mouth watering array of delicious foods. Sample dishes with African,

While the presence of the ancient Maya civilization in the area now known as Belize is well-known, anthropologists are continuing to learn more about this enigmatic people. Recently, anthropologists made a fascinating discovery that revealed more information about how the Mayas obtained, stored, and traded salt. Specifically, more than 4,000 wooden posts have been found at a historic site known as Paynes Creek Salt Works in southern Belize. Paynes Creek Salt Works spans across 3 square miles. This area is now