The Best Places to Visit in Belize for Easter

Easter in Belize

Easter is a four-day holiday in Belize and the biggest celebration of the year. Beyond religious observances, Easter is a time of exciting sporting events, getting outside to enjoy activities in the fresh air, and spending time with family and friends while enjoying fabulous food.

Here are three places to visit during Easter in Belize:

Benque Viejo Del Carmen

This small town located in far western Belize is a great way to experience traditional culture during Easter. Good Friday is when the townsfolk flood the streets to re-enact the Crucifixion of Jesus following a religious procession. The majority of the village’s inhabitants are pious Catholics, and Good Friday is when they faithfully follow the 14 Stations of the Cross, ending with the Crucifixion. Although many towns have similar processions, Benque Viejo Del Carmen is uniquely decorated with special carpets made from sawdust that are called Alfombras de Acerrin in Spanish. Good Friday finishes with an evening mass at the town church.

San Ignacio and Belize City

In contrast to the solemnity of smaller locales, San Ignacio and Belize City, the two biggest municipalities in the country, celebrate Easter with a variety of sporting events, including soccer (football), basketball, cycling, and baseball. One of the biggest sporting events of the year, the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic, features racers following a grueling 140-mile loop from Belize City to San Ignacio and then back again. First held in 1928 as a way of promoting Belizeans to explore their country, the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic sees thousands of enthusiasts cheering the racers along the route.

After the conclusion, it’s time for fairs, dances, and the big Easter Fair in San Ignacio where families and friends gather to enjoy music, food, drinks, and games.

Placencia Peninsula

A 16-mile strip of beach on the Caribbean coastline in southeastern Belize, the Placencia Peninsula celebrates Easter with high-spirited games and competition. Placencia is the scene of beach parties, bikini contests, dancing contests, and even physique competitions along with plenty of drinks, food, and high energy fun. Easter is also when the Placencia Swimsuit Pageant is held where local women compete for a crown while visitors and locals alike celebrate the holiday and good weather with a huge street party.

Easter is a really great time to visit Belize. Travelers who want to explore all three destinations described above during Easter can do so by renting a vehicle with Barefoot Rentals and Services.

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