Escape Winter and Vacation in Tropical Belize

In terms of weather, this tropical paradise is an appealing choice all year long. Its unique geographical location means that the climate is warm and pleasant all year long, with an annual average temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas most of the world has to deal with the sometimes brutal whiplash between sweltering summers and freezing winters, Belize only experiences two seasons. The winter months tend to fall perfectly between Belize’s wet and green seasons, offering the coolness that comes from semi-regular rainfall while avoiding the worst of tropical storms. 

A visit to Belize is a way to get away from it all. While your friends and family are dealing with holiday shopping crowds and backed up traffic, Belize offers the most underpopulated country in Central America. Much of the country is more or less untouched by human hands, instead serving as habitats for a wide variety of birds, jaguars, and other exotic animals.

And if you’re looking to turn to Belize for a holiday destination, there’s plenty to explore. Some of the top destinations to visit in the country are Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, San Ignacio, Hopkins, Dangriga, and the Placencia Peninsula.

But if you are looking for a beach destination that is affordable with a potpourri of tours and activities to see and do, then we recommend the Placencia Penisula in southern Belize. 

Placencia not only has some of the best beaches in the country but offshore its coast, you can find some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving spots in the region.

Furthermore, the things to see and do in mainland Belize are endless. Travelers will be surprised to know that the country was the hub of the enigmatic Maya civilization for over half a millennium, and the nation is still home to a rich selection of well maintained ancient Maya cities like Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Nim Li Punit, and Lubantuum. 

While much of Belize is wild, untamed, and beautiful, that doesn’t mean that the Central American nation is lacking in civilization. Belize City is the largest urban center within the country, and it can serve well as either a hub for your adventures or a day trip in its own right. From the contemporary Image Factory gallery to the Museum of Belize – which takes a sweeping look at the country’s entire history – there are plenty of cultural touchstones to explore. And as the only country in Central America that speaks English as its official language, it’s a great destination for visitors who are looking to immerse themselves in a different culture without having to learn an entirely new language. 

Belize may not be the most traditional winter holiday destination. You won’t spend your Christmas waking up to deep floes of snow (that you’ll then have to spend the next day shoveling), but if you prefer palm trees to Christmas trees and tropical cocktails to egg nog, it might be the perfect solution for the wintertime blues.

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