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Maya Ruins Tours

T11A – Xunantunich Mayan Ruins & Inland Blue Hole

  First, participants will get a chance to visit the enormous ancient Maya city of Xunantunich. The Maya name of the city means “Maiden of the Rock” because a ghostly female figure has been seen haunting the ruins for more than a century. Afterwards, participants will drive to the Inland Blue Hole, a naturally occurring sinkhole in the middle of the jungle. The waters have an bright sapphire color, and the Inland Blue Hole is the perfect place to enjoy […]

T14 – Tikal Maya Ruins in Guatemala via Belize

  Tikal is not just an ancient Maya site, it is one of the most legendary locations on the planet. A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Guatemala just a few miles across the border from Belize, Tikal is a huge complex with hundreds of buildings all crafted from stone more than 1,000 years ago. Tikal is a great place to explore giant pyramids and colossal temples, but it is also a wildlife preserve home to exotic wildlife and hundreds […]
Maya Ruins in Southern Belize

T15A Southern Maya Ruins

Lubantuun was first discovered and explored by archaeologists in 1905. It is an impressive Maya site that was built between 700 and 900 AD as a ceremonial site. The Maya used it for special celebrations including religious ceremonies, Maya games, consecrations and festivals. Lubantuun is notable among Maya ruins for the unusual way it was built. Constructed of limestone bricks, it was built without mortar. The buildings are also unusual for having rounded corners. You can wander around this huge, […]

T15B -Maya Living Experience and Nim Li Punit


T16 A – Nim Li Punit and Spice Farm

  This tour begins with a visit at the awe-inspiring Maya ruins of Nim Li Punit, where this ancient city is so well-preserved you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in history. On this tour, you’ll get a wonderful blend of history, nature and beauty. Belize has long been an important source of tropical spices. The Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden is part of that historic tradition, but it adds a modern-day twist. Founded in 1990, the Spice Farm cultivates […]