Celebrate a Proud, Thriving Culture on Maya Day 2019

belize maya day 2019
Many people believe that the Maya people disappeared along with their ancient empire. In reality, millions of Maya live in modern-day Guatemala, Belize and parts of Mexico today. Through the centuries, they have preserved their languages, food, religious ceremonies, sacred rites, music, and dance. Every year, Belize hosts Maya Day as a way to commemorate this enduring culture. 

Maya Day is held at the Tumul K’in Center of Learning in the Toledo District. This is a Maya high school that teaches its students to value and preserve their Maya heritage while learning the skills to thrive in the modern world. This unusual educational mix provides the perfect background for a celebration of the Maya people and their contributions to the history of Belize. 

Maya Day is officially on March 24, but before then, there are all kinds of activities and events taking place. Local dance groups perform traditional dances and compete in traditional Maya games involving fireballs, greasy poles and more. Maya visitors from neighboring Guatemala join in to perform the most important Maya dance, the powerful and lively deer dance. 

During Maya Day, you can watch music and dance performers of traditional marimba music, enjoy delicious Maya food specialties, take part in children’s activities and much more. 

Maya Day is a lively, colorful celebration of a proud culture that has survived for centuries and kept its heritage intact. Belize is proud of its Maya heritage and happy to share it with the world. 

A visit to Maya Day gives you the opportunity to see the Toledo District. About half of the population of this rural district is Maya. They still cultivate traditional crops like beans, colorful corn varieties, cacao and peppers. You can purchase the distinctive, handwoven Maya baskets from many vendors. Punta Gorda is the main city of this district, but you will also find many charming villages and important historical sites. 

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What: Maya Day 2019 
When: March 24, 2019 
Where: Tumul K’in Center of Learning, Blue Creek, Toledo District 

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