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Culinary & Culture Tours

Culinary and Culturе are definitely among Belize’s most valuable assets, its diverse people, and its local cuisines. Experience first -hand these two unique treasures of our beautiful country. After all, Belize is extremely popular for its rich cultural heritage.

Take this journey and let us awake some unexplored taste buds and amaze you with a mix of people you’ve never seen before. Truly some fun and exciting experiences for all.

Let us help you experience the real Belize; Its Taste and Its People!

T10 – Che’il Chocolate Making+

It’s “Maya madness” on this tour that takes you to two great Maya adventures. First up is Ch’eil Mayan Products, an organic cacao farmer and chocolate maker located in the heart of the Maya area of Belize. Belize’s cacao is internationally regarded as some of the best in the world, and it goes into making some of the finest chocolate you will ever taste. Let the owners of Che’il, Julio Saqui and his wife, show you how the cacao plant […]

T15B – Nim Li Punit & Maya Living Experience

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T5A – Hopkins Garifuna Cultural Experience

The Garifuna people make up just four percent of Belize’s population, but they are one of the country’s most iconic cultures. An Afro-Caribbean people, the Garifuna are renowned for their traditional drumming, iconic foods, and music. Participants will enjoy authentic, home-cooked Garifuna foods while enjoying a live performance of traditional Garifuna drumming. An introductory Garifuna drumming lesson is also included. Additional Info: All our prices are listed in USD and are exclusive of 12.5% sales tax This is a full […]

T5C – Dangriga Cultural Tour

Dangriga is off the beaten path and off most tourist maps of Belize. Exploring this quiet, friendly town is the perfect way to immerse yourself in an authentic Belizean experience. We begin with a trip to Marie Sharp’s hot sauce factory. This world-famous condiment is served with pride in 22 countries and almost every table in Belize. Learn about how Marie got started and how she makes that spicy magic every day. Next stop is the Gulisi Garifuna Museum, where […]