Belize Caves – What You Need To Know

If you think Belize is an amazing destination above ground, just wait until you explore its mystical underworld. These ancient caves, shaped over millions of years, have stood the test of time, preserving the secrets of the Mayan civilization. Today, they beckon curious adventurers and history enthusiasts alike.

An enduring faith

The earliest Mayans arrived in Belize carrying little more than their beliefs. They considered caves to be sacred gateways to the underworld, where gods held sway and humanity paid its respects. Archaeologist Jaime Awe notes, “The Maya were cave-obsessed,” believing that each cave led to Xibalba, the Mayan underworld.

Places of worship

To honor and appease their pantheon of deities, the Maya conducted intricate rituals within these sacred caverns. Some rituals involved offerings, while others demanded more profound sacrifices, ranging from bats to even human beings. Petroglyphs adorned cave walls, and an array of artifacts, household items, foods, and totems were presented as tributes. Deep within the earth, priests led chants, prayers, and offerings.

Belize’s most fascinating Maya Caves

  1. Actun Tunichil Muknal: This cave is renowned for housing the Crystal Maiden, an ancient skeleton adorned with sparkling calcium deposits.

  2. Belize Caves Branch: Explore this partially submerged limestone cave by floating on inner tubes, and glimpse a world that thrived between 300 and 900 AD.

  3. Black Hole Drop: Also known as Actun Loch Tunich, this cave earns its nickname, “mother of all Belize caves,” as visitors are lowered through the rainforest canopy into its depths.

  4. Che Chem Ha Cave: Hike uphill to reach this cave’s entrance, where you’ll discover a trove of pottery, artwork, and artifacts. It’s a true adrenaline rush for repeat visitors!

  5. Barton Creek Cave: Access this ceremonial center by canoe and experience one of the “most beautiful and unusual” caves on earth, as recognized by Mother Nature Network.

  6. Rio Frio Cave: This cathedral-like cave boasts easy access and remarkable stalactites measured in yards, not feet. It’s best explored during daylight hours to savor its beauty.

  7. St. Herman’s Cave and Crystalline Cave: These two closely situated caves offer distinct experiences. St. Herman’s is celebrated for its archaeological significance, while Crystalline’s interior beauty mesmerizes all who visit.

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