• August in Belize? It’s the Perfect Month for a Barefoot Road Trip

    belize in august

    How will you spend summer’s end? How about taking that Belize road trip?

    By August, travelers who took early summer vacations have already forgotten how it felt to relax. The kids aren’t thrilled about school starting in a matter of weeks. Your family deserves a final summer fling to get fall off to a super start and Belize in August won’t empty your bank account if you plan a road trip.

    Why a Belize road trip? Belize’s landmass is 8,867 miles in total, so if you’ve got the urge to play vagabond and wander about, you can cover the 170-mile north/south route in a couple of hours and drive the 68-miles that take you from east to west in a little over an hour. That’s the equivalent of driving around Massachusetts, minus the highways, buildings, traffic lights, and congestion!

    The only road trip resource you need

    Barefoot Rentals and Services is Belize’s #1 vehicle rental and tour business and the frequent renters who wouldn’t consider an alternative will be happy to talk your ear off about why they’re #1. Not only can you let your whims and desires determine where you’ll go next when you pilot a modern, well-equipped new vehicle, but if things go wrong, your vacation won’t tank thanks to these Barefoot benefits:

    -Booking is a breeze. Employees tell you all about your options. You decide which models, features and extras you want to take on the road. Last minute changes or surprise fees? Not on your life. 

    -It gets hot in Belize so you couldn’t get your hands on a non-air conditioned car even if you wanted one. Not only do Barefoot staffers want you back next time you visit Belize, but they don’t want you crabby this time around! 

    -At Barefoot, everything possible is done so you don’t get lost after spotting an unforgettable sunset, wandering into a nature reserve, finding yourself in a jungle or losing your way because Belize beauty distracted you. Ask Barefoot for whatever you need to make it a perfect trip. If they don’t have it, they’ll get it for you. 

    -Barefoot will rescue you if you need to be rescued. If your big-city motor club has left you cooling your heels for hours after a breakdown, shame on them. Barefoot staffers understand the challenges drivers face when driving in-country and pride themselves on getting to you fast. 

    -Barefoot’s service department is so professional, they won’t release a rental car until mechanics have checked every nut, bolt, and feature. Vehicles are chosen for the fleet because they face tough road challenges so you’re never inconvenienced. 

    You know you want to do something special to mark the end of summer and an August road trip around Belize promises to deliver on fun and memories. Come alone or bring the gang. It’s a fun adventure that gets fall off to the best start ever.  

    Visit our website: https://barefootservicesbelize.com for more information on Belize and do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone (+(501) 629-9602) if you have any questions or need help in planning a Belize vacation in August.

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