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About Belize

Belize Tourism Description

Belize is a small Central American country on the eastern coast of Mexico, with an area of 31,500 square miles (80,700 sq km). Its population is just over 300,000 people. Belize City is the capital. The former British colony gained independence in 1981 after a long struggle against colonial rule by Spain and Britain. The country has a fascinating ancient history that includes Mayan and Arawak settlements along with the legendary search for “The Lost City of the Monkey God.” Today, it has a vibrant economy based on tourism, agriculture, fishing, and offshore banking. While it’s safe to travel there, visitors should be aware of its high crime rate. There are places to stay for every budget, from cheap hostels to upscale resorts. Many people enjoy diving in its warm waters or exploring the country’s ancient ruins. Some travelers also enjoy hiking through rainforests and seeing how Maya culture remains strong in rural areas. Whatever you do while visiting, be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen because both are in short supply here!

Belize Tours

One of the most interesting and popular excursions in is a tour that goes into the jungle to visit the Mayan ruins. There are several different types of tours available, from one-day excursions to multi-day excursions where you can stay overnight and visit different sites. One of the most popular places to visit on tour is the Xunantunich ruin. This is a Maya site located in Orange Walk District that contains several impressive structures, including altars and pyramid temples. One of the most famous features of this place is a ballcourt that was once used for games played by the Maya people. The main purpose of these games was to honor their gods and try to win their favor. By playing these games, players could gain access to special privileges and gifts from the gods. Another popular place to visit in the Lamanai Ruins. This is another Maya site located along the coast that contains several impressive stone structures, including pyramids and temples. Because of its location near water, the Maya people were able to build large temples here with ease because they did not have to build foundations or support beams. Another popular tour is a cruise down the river that runs through Belize City. For more tour details or to book a tour feel free to contact us.

Belize Details

Name: Belize

Capital: Belmopan

Largest City: Belize City

Size: 8,867 square miles

Location: located in Central America and it is bordered to the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea.

Climate: Sub-tropical, with trade winds from the Caribbean Sea.

Temperature: One of the nicest things about visiting Belize is the weather. With an average yearly temperature of 84° F (29°C), it’s always warm, yet comfortable.

Language: English is the official language however Spanish, Ketchi & Mopan Maya, Garifuna and other languages are also spoken.

Population: 368,310

Government: Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system. Independent since September 21, 1981.

Currency: Belize Dollar (BZD$). USD$1.00 = BZD$2.00

Electricity: 110 volts AC.

History: The first people to develop Belize were the Maya around 1500 B.C.E.

Airports: Belize only has one international airport and it is Philip Goldson International Airport (Airport code is BZE). There are also a number of airstrips in all the major towns and districts around the country.

Seaports: Main deep-water port – Belize City, Commerce Bight, Big Creek, Punta Gorda.

Telephone: Direct dial service between Belize and all other countries. Calling code is 501.

Time: Central Standard Time. Belize doesn’t observe daylight savings time.

Entry requirements: Visitors to Belize must possess a passport valid for at least three months after the date of arrival and a return ticket with sufficient funds to cover their stay.

Driving: International driver’s license accepted up to 90 days. Drives on the right.

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