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September 2022

Belizean culture is rich with a diverse range of local and indigenous customs. Belizeans are also known for their friendliness to outsiders. As such, it’s easy to feel welcome once you arrive. Belizean culture is Much like its neighboring countries Guatemala and Honduras, Belize has a diverse array of cultures that have influenced the everyday lives of its people. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about this Central American country. Government and Politics Belize is a constitutional republic. The country’s

‍ If you’re thinking about taking your vacation to the next level, Explore Belize it might be just the place for you. It is an exotic country that feels like it’s a million miles away from home, even though it’s only a few hours from the coast of Mexico. That makes it the perfect destination for people who are ready to get away from their normal lives and see something new themselves. If you’re planning on visiting this part of the