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December 2021

From Real Life Recess by Megan Rodden - December 9, 2021  -  2 min read Last year around this time I wrote about Christmas being sorrel season in Belize and now this year I was inspired to learn how to make another holiday classic- Rum Popo!  Think of Rum Popo as Belize’s version of Eggnog.  Loads of local families make rum popo for the holidays and everyone has their own secret family recipe but the general gist of things is: eggs,

Sunshine? Yes we have that. Warm weather conditions and traditional holiday festivities, Tropical Christmas in Belize is something different. We have comfortable temperature, blue skies and rum popo for a fantastic vacation tropical Christmas Belize. But what is there to do over the Christmas holidays? Parades Is there another more festive or enjoyable time for families? Many big brand companies in the city often host an annual Christmas parade. And yes even Santa shows up with goodies. In coastal locations like San Pedro