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February 2021

Placencia Belize Tours Placencia, in southern Belize, is one of the most popular destinations in the country. Home to golden sands, boutique cafes, and an idyllic Caribbean vibe, Placencia is a great place to visit for locals and international visitors alike. And while you're in Placencia, you can enjoy amazing day trips such as these: Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary  The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (CBWS) is one of the most interesting wild areas on the planet. Home to the world's only jaguar conservation project,

One of the best ways to explore Belize is by renting your own car from Barefoot Rentals and Services. Whether you need a car, dirt bike, or golf cart, having your own vehicle allows you to save money, travel at your own pace, and explore all the hidden gems that Belize has to offer. "We debated whether we should fly or rent a car during our family vacation in Belize last year, but we ended up choosing to rent a vehicle

Snorkel the Southern Barrier Reef of Belize  The Belize Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of indescribable beauty, gorgeous atolls and islands, and some of the best snorkeling in the world. One of the best places to snorkel in Belize is the Silk Cayes, a collection of three islands on the outer part of the southern reef. Sometimes referred to as the Queen Cayes, the Silk Cayes are home to an astonishing variety of marine wildlife, including sea turtles, birds,

Anyone with a passion for birds, endangered animals or just the local wildlife of Belize will have an incomplete trip if they forget to check out the scarlet macaws of Red Bank Village in Southern Belize. The macaws are like most other birds and will migrate southward to survive the winter. It just so happens that the period between November to March also rewards these beautiful birds with numerous delicious fruits growing from the lush greenery of the region. About the

Summer is one of the best times to visit Belize. With fantastic weather (mid to low-80s), great deals on flights, and lots of exciting activities, there's plenty on offer for everyone in Belize. Here are just a few of the many exciting things to see and do in Belize on your summer vacation: Lobsterfest If you love lobster, you'll be in good company during the annual Lobsterfest held in Placencia. Local fishermen celebrate the opening of the lobster season in June with a

Is it possible to cram too many tours into one vacation? Not if you headquarter in Placencia, Belize which offers 16 miles of the best beaches on the planet. But to maximize your time and get in as much activity as possible, you need a reliable resource capable of handling your scheduling. In Belize, there is no better choice than Barefoot Rentals and Services. You can feel comfortable putting yourself and your companions into the hands of the nation’s #1 tour

The Belize jungle covers more than half the mainland, a vast, untamed wilderness that is home to some of the most ecologically dense landscapes on the planet. But there's more to discover in the Belize rainforest than just wild animals and stunning scenery. The dense tropical foliage is also where you'll find some of the largest and best-preserved ancient Maya cities anywhere in the world. Whether you want to explore this vast wilderness by driving in Belize or prefer an organized

Belize has a network of roads consisting of over 1,900 miles (3,000 kilometres) of which approximately 357 miles (575 kilometres) is paved. There are five major paved roads with two lanes. These are: • Philip Goldson Highway (formerly known as the Northern Highway) which goes between Belize City and just north of Corozal and the Mexico border. It’s approximately 95 miles (153 kilometres). • George Price Highway (formerly known as the Western Highway) which goes between Belize City and Benque Viejo del

One of the most colorful and lively towns in Belize, Dangriga is widely known as the cultural capital of the nation. Home to a large Garifuna population, Dangriga has a thriving musical scene and is where the indigenous punta and punta rock genres were born. Dangriga is a small town located in central Belize on the Caribbean coast of Stann Creek District. Dangriga is known for its traditional Garifuna drumming, active nightlife, numerous karaoke establishments, and delicious traditional Garifuna foods such

The Garifuna form just four percent of Belize's population, but their contributions of food, history, language, music, and dance have greatly enriched the entire country. The Garifuna's story begins in 1635 when a ship carrying enslaved Africans sank off the coast of the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. The survivors were welcomed by the local indigenous population and soon intermarried to form the culture now known as the Garifuna. For over 100 years, the Garifuna lived free and proud,