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January 2021

Barefoot Services had already been established as Belize’s premier resource for transportation, adventure and cultural tours throughout the country, so when the company was notified that it had been granted “Tourism Gold Standard” recognition just in time for the nation’s reopening to tourists, there was plenty to celebrate at company headquarters. “We recognize the importance of keeping tourists visiting Belize once the airport reopens on October 1, 2020 safe and healthy, which is why we didn’t hesitate a moment to adopt

There is plenty to see in Belize, and the best way to see it on your terms is by driving a rental car. A car gives you the freedom to go where you want, and there's no need to arrange transportation, hire a cab, wait for a bus or join a tour group. You can even set your own schedule and your own rules. Where should you go on your scenic tour?  Start by visiting a nature preserve. Almost half of the land

Although winter might be the season for snow, scarves, and mittens in North America, "winter" means plenty of sunshine and balmy temperatures in Belize. Winter is the perfect time to visit this gem of a nation where more than a third of the land is set aside for protected parks and nature reserves. Winter is the ideal season to enjoy basking in the sun on a beach, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sampling delicious fresh-caught seafood. One of the most interesting places