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March 2019

One of the most exciting festivals of the year takes place every June on the beautiful Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize. Timed to coincide with the official opening of fishing season, Lobsterfest is a popular celebration of everything and anything related to lobster. In 2019, the Placencia Lobsterfest will be held between June 21-23 and will feature dozens of savory and interesting dishes made from the world's most popular crustacean. Although classic recipes like grilled lobster served with melted butter will

Belize has long been known as a vibrant hub for art, dance, and music. There is perhaps nobody who better personifies the nation's cultural connection than Barefoot Rentals and Services' Local Belizean of the Month, Marlyn Vansen - an indie artist from the area.  Ms. Vansen's musical career began at an early age. Having sung her first few notes as a little baby girl, she soon began showing off her impressive talents to her church congregation every Sunday night. These opportunities

A recent article by Sandra McGregor on the CNN travel site notes that the buzz on Belize is getting louder.  "Now's the time to check out what this tropical haven has to offer before the travel buzz on Belize gets even bigger," CNN advises, noting that there's something for every traveler to Belize, "whether you're an amateur archaeologist, an animal lover, an adrenaline junkie or a sand-and-surf devotee."  The CNN article describes some favorite Belize activities. Here's our list of top things to do

If you love all things coconut, get ready to get your fill at the annual Coconut Fest Beach Party, a two-day celebration where we get nutty for this sweet, popular fruit. The two-day party will be held in Corozal Town, the capital of the Corozal District. The event is hosted by the Corozal Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association.  Maya Wedding Reenactment  The first day of the festival kicks things off with a special Maya event at the Santa Rita Archaeological

  Many people believe that the Maya people disappeared along with their ancient empire. In reality, millions of Maya live in modern-day Guatemala, Belize and parts of Mexico today. Through the centuries, they have preserved their languages, food, religious ceremonies, sacred rites, music, and dance. Every year, Belize hosts Maya Day as a way to commemorate this enduring culture.  Maya Day is held at the Tumul K’in Center of Learning in the Toledo District. This is a Maya high school that teaches