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November 2018

If you're Canadian and looking for a high-adrenaline outdoor adventure, then Belize is definitely where you need to go. This tiny country is a natural paradise where pristine rainforest and jungle cover more than 80 percent of the mainland. Wild and untamed in every way, Belize is an ideal place to enjoy some exciting off-road dirt biking.  Belize and Canada are both members of the Commonwealth, but it was difficult for Canadians to enjoy a vacation in tropical Belize until recently

  On December 9, 2018, at 5:30 a.m. sharp, runners will depart Placencia Village in southeastern Belize to compete in the End of the World Marathon (EOTW). Runners will head up the peninsula to reach a spot exactly 13.1 miles away just outside of Maya Beach before looping back for a tight race to the finish in Placencia Village.  The EOTW Marathon is one of Belize's quirkiest sporting events, first held half in jest in 2012 to commemorate the so-called "end of