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July 2018

Hopkins is one of the most picturesque villages in Belize. Primarily inhabited by the Garifuna people, Hopkins is located on the southeastern Caribbean coast in Stann Creek District and has been voted numerous times as the Friendliest Village in Belize.  Located adjacent to where the Sittee River meets the Caribbean, Hopkins Village fronts a large, beautiful bay measuring around five miles long. The village is split into two parts by the water, the area of Baila on the northern side and

Belize is a predominately rural country, and some of the best ways to explore the sights and sounds is by rental car. With more than a third of the country set aside as national parks and protected nature reserves, visitors can rent a car to make the most of their 2017 Belize vacation. Having your own set of wheels gives visitors the opportunity to see Belize at their own pace, exploring side roads and marveling at spectacular panoramas of unspoiled

Diving in Placencia Belize From all around the globe, people flock to the amazing waters of Belize in order to enjoy top-quality scuba diving. A combination of balmy weather, crystal clear waters, and a thriving marine ecosystem make Belize the perfect place for scuba diving.  Just a few miles off the coast of Belize lies the Belize Barrier Reef, the largest barrier reef system in the Northern Hemisphere. And some of the finest dive sites in Belize can be found near Placencia

    Visit the Amazing "A Taste of Belize" Event Many travelers arrive in Belize without any expectation of what the food in Belize is all about. Although the people of Belize enjoy many standard regional dishes like beans and rice, the cuisine of Belize is an eclectic mix that represents the country's many different cultures.  Breakfast in Belize usually features "fry jacks," a fluffy, soft triangle of fried dough that usually accompanies traditional breakfast fare like beans, eggs and meat.  For lunch, rice and