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September 2016

Belize has been chosen as a top adventure tour destination for 2017 by Stride Travel. Based in San Francisco California, Stride Travel is one of the largest search and reviews site for tours and adventure experiences. According to Stride, Belize offers world class snorkeling and scuba diving and once you visit the country, you can gain access to top snorkeling and diving spots like the Lighthouse Reef atoll, home to the famous Blue Hole. Stride also recommends that travelers to Belize explore and

The fifth annual End of the World Marathon is scheduled to start at 5:30 AM on December 4, 2016 in Placencia Village. Runners will be competing in both a half and full marathon, and all proceeds raised from the event will go towards providing high school scholarships to local children on the Placencia Peninsula. In 2012, when the planet was gripped with Maya mania thanks to a popular interpretation that calendars produced by that culture were predicting the end of the

Is it too early to start planning your dream vacation in Belize? Of course not! Belize is getting more and more popular, so now is the time to start deciding which of the amazing beaches, pristine islands, ancient Maya sites, and spectacular nature reserves you will visit in 2021. To get you excited, here are six outstanding reasons to circle your calendar and make plans to come visit Belize in 2021. Come for the Belize Weather When it's cold and wintry in